Project Description

Neale had a garden that was very poorly laid out.

An upper layer was completely blocked of by a high fence giving the impression that the garden was much smaller than it actually was.

To make matters worse the conifer hedge at the back had been allowed to over grow closing in on the garden.

The pathway to the upper level was a muddied grass patch.

Neale contacted New Dawn Garden Life to see if they travelled to Salisbury and ask them for some Design ideas.

Carl from New Dawn came up with the idea of a living timber, fan shaped stair way as a means of getting from one level to the next.

The sandstone cobble setts formed a lovely edge to the new borders on the upper level, marking out the design shape and giving this previously unused part of the garden a new lease of life.

See the photos of a new Dawn Garden in Salisbury Wiltshire.

New Dawn Garden life, provided an excellent service from start to finish. Carl created a fine design, a competitive quote and responded quickly. His team were hardworking, polite and very professional and I am happy to recommend them.

Neale Whittick   21:02 06/02/13