Project Description

Our client in Chiswick asked for a low maintenance garden with a slight Mediterranean feel.

She also wanted a solution for the untidy raised bank at the back. We achieved this using natural rocks and timbers.

Note in the intermediate picture the width of the membrane and the way it is secured, ensuring that the weeds or the membrane itself won’t poke through the shingle, which means that it will continually look tidy.

This is what our client in Chiswick wrote:

“Dear Carl, I was sorry not to see you on Friday and I wanted to just say thank you very much indeed for the work you and your team did.

You did just what we asked for in only 3 days and everything is perfect – the decking etc. is spotless and the garden looks so different I wished I had taken a picture beforehand!

I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending you to anyone – please feel free to use this text as a testimonial if it’s useful to you.

Very best wishes and thanks again.”